Having started a correspondence within our group on the DailyKos energy proposal for the Democratic party, Energize America, I forwarded some great commentary from Chris Green and Ken Caldeira to Jerome Guillet, who has been posting most of the drafts of the plan on the DailyKos site. We exchanged some further information and it prompted me to write down the following list of conclusions that I believe our group has come to over the past year and a half, on what the real options are and what we can do from here. 

From our analysis and discussion I believe we've come to consensus on a few things, some of which are somewhat contrary to conventional political or "progressive" wisdom:

So that's the focus we'd like to see in a perfect energy plan; political reality suggests that biofuels and coal will unfortunately be forced into the picture as well, and some of the things with real potential will be delayed. Nevertheless, I believe the above reflects the underlying reality of the challenge we face.

Created: 2006-05-26 16:23:20 by Arthur Smith