Middle Country, Long Island: where we're going

Just a brief link to some "revisioning" reports in our local suburban region - I attended some meetings on this a couple of years ago, and it sounds like it's starting to bear fruit. The analysis and plan is a little hard to get to, so I have posted copies here for reference.  

Our town (Brookhaven) has its own overall "vision 2030" planning activity at Brookhaven2030.org. The town also hosts the Middle Country plan among others; the link is hard to find but the best appears to be from this page (see Middle Country Sustainable Community Plan).

So here is the actual plan (as of February 2008):

The history and development of the area is interesting, but I was most interested in the discussion of public transit. Clearly it is highly inadequate in our area, and the analysis section of the plan reviews that, with particular concern for the ability of young people and seniors who can't drive cars to get around. There appear to be some recommendations to improve it - I'm hoping we can show strong support for these and perhaps do even better - would some form of light rail be possible here? Anyway, a chance to do something locally is always good!

Created: 2008-07-26 12:44:38 by Arthur Smith