Starting with Mambo

Mambo's an alternative to b2 here - more flexibility than just a 'blog', but maybe too complex?

Here are the components I'm thinking:
(1) To-do list (this is a start...)
(2) Info "FAQ" on energy options, readily updatable, with numbers, uncertainties and graphs - data from the DOE"s Energy Info Administration, Smil's book, World Energy Council, etc.
- also info on economic issues - link between cost and energy use
(3) Regular "blog" articles providing analysis and perspective on energy or related issues in the news, from the perspective of a contributor, referencing our data collection where possible...
(4) Calendar? action items, and followups on past actions taken: letters, congressional visits, calls to journalists, etc.

Hmmm, I think this could work.

Created: 2005-01-17 18:36:17 by Arthur Smith
Modified: 2005-02-17 04:03:32 by Arthur Smith