A Closing Window of Opportunity?

Clifford McMurray has provided a provocative piece in the new Ad Astra Online edition, accentuating the urgency of resolving the problems of the current era, warning of dark ages ahead if we delay.

The analogy to the fall of the Roman Empire at the hands of Barbarians is interesting, and a little scary... the parallels between Rome and the modern western world are all too evident. Perhaps it's already too late...

McMurray is of course interested in space as a solution:

Once established as a spacefaring civilization, the abundant wealth of the solar system -- energy resources in the form of solar energy, and mineral resources from the asteroids -- would provide enough material wealth to lift humanity out of the poverty and wars that have been the norm for our species throughout history. This choice for our future, however, is one with a time limit. If we postpone the push into space, the next generation may well find itself without the means to make it happen later.
Created: 2005-02-06 04:32:10 by Arthur Smith
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