2006 US Energy Budget proposal

The president's budget proposal is available from http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget/fy2006 - the Energy Department has to cut spending by almost 2%, not including inflation losses: from $24.6 billion to $24.2 billion. Science and Energy Resources budget areas have been cut 3.4%, from $6.4 billion to $6.2 billion...

The bulk of the DOE's budget is in nuclear weapons-related areas: the National Nuclear Security Administration, and the associated environmental cleanup. Compensating for the almost $1/2 billion added to the NNSA is a $700 million cut in the environmental allocation. Neither of them is particularly relevant to real energy alternatives.

Specific measures mentioned in the budget document include the following 2006 amounts:

There are also "tax incentives totaling $3.6 billion through 2010 to spur the use of clean, renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies." These are detailed in the Full budget overview under "Tax incentives", and are pretty significant:

The allocation for solar photovoltaics R&D was not apparent, but the overall cut in the energy resources budget likely doesn't bode well.

Overall, it looks pretty good on the tax incentive side, but not so great on the R&D side - why the big pushes for nuclear and hydrogen R&D? Oh well...

Created: 2005-02-07 19:29:50 by Arthur Smith