American Public Favors Alternative Energy R&D

A new poll published by the Program on International Policy Attitudes (currently highlighted on their front page) surveyed the American public on federal budget priorities. Along with cuts in defense and increases in medical and social spending, was an enormous (12-fold) increase in spending on energy conservation and renewable energy, to $26.2 billion annually. 

Support for such an increase was also highest, at 70% of respondents. This suggests a winning formula for politicians - push for increases in energy efficiency and renewable energy research, and you'll have 70% of the public behind you!

The poll was conducted February 18-25 with a nationwide sample of 1,182 American adults. The detailed questions and response levels are available here - the main focus of the study appears to have been national security and defense issues, rather than energy or environmental concerns. A more detailed report on the study is also available.

Created: 2005-03-08 03:37:33 by Arthur Smith
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