Hawks for Hybrids

Some news outlets are reporting on a letter from The Energy Future Coalition to the White House, released in the last few days. It's signed by a long list of politically connected people, including officials from the Reagon and first Bush administrations, and also some Clinton appointees. 

The letter calls for attention to replacing and reducing our dependence on oil as a national security issue.
to demonstrate our seriousness and resolve, this effort must be funded at a level proportionate with other priorities for our nation's defense

But then it suggests just a pitiful $1 billion over 5 years for alternative fuels... Sounds like this letter went through a committee!

Anyway, it's certainly encouraging to see high-profile people sign on to something like this. If they would just work with realistic numbers for the R&D investment needed though, that would help a lot.

Created: 2005-04-05 05:02:20 by Arthur Smith