Carbon Disclosure Project

This could be a critically important piece of the puzzle. As pointed out here, the latest report from the Carbon Disclosure Project, more large companies have rising carbon emissions than falling, and many large firms are threatened by financial hardship as carbon emissions improvements become forced. The report is based on voluntary responses to questions by the companies - almost 80% of the large companies contacted did respond this time - but among those who did not participate are Boeing, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Apple, News Corporation and Carnival. 

The project was started by the UK government in 2000 and is backed by large pension-owning organizations from around the world, amounting to several trillion dollars worth of assets. So far there seems to be a large gap between the rhetoric of support for carbon reduction and any actual action or improvement. But the more attention this sort of survey gets, the more change we'll actually see changes happen. This is a very good thing...

Created: 2005-09-15 19:46:31 by Arthur Smith