Reenergize America - (possibly) from US Democrats

The liberal "blog" site Daily Kos has had energy issues as a theme for some time. Several of the contributors there have been working on detailed ideas: the latest proposal from users "Meteor Blades", "Jerome a Paris" and "Devilstower" presents a quite well-written and comprehensive summary of what can be done - still a bit short on some specifics - like total cost of the package of proposals! Anyway, worth reading - the title is "Reenergize America - A Democratic Blueprint (Second Draft)". 

Specifics include:

4 principles:

Particular "SMART" goals are:

Within 100 days they promise 17 bills to make a difference:

In transportation:

  1. The Automotive Mileage and Pollution Credit Act
  2. Government Fleet Conversion Act
  3. Bus Fleet Conversion Act
  4. Energy Research Act (on the scale of $80 billion/yr?)
  5. Coal Liquefaction Demonstration Project Act
  6. Amtrak Restoration and Demonstration Project Act
  7. Telecommuting Assistance Act
    On Electricity:
  8. Federal Renewable Power Act
  9. Renewable Energy Research & Development Act (up to $3 billion/yr)
  10. Renewable Portfolio Standards Act
  11. Federal Alternative Energy Demonstration Act (one per state)
  12. National Conservation & Efficiency Act
  13. Home Improvement Credit Act
  14. The Standard Nuclear Power and Demonstration Project Act
    On the Environment:
  15. Clean Generation Act
  16. Federal Energy Policy Enforcement Act
  17. Hydrocarbon Tax Act
and they want the US to re-engage with the world on Kyoto and future climate change agreements.

Overall, a pretty impressive analysis and summary of what's needed.

Created: 2005-10-25 20:24:58 by Arthur Smith