Salon on global climate leaders

At a time where even the notoriously pro-Bush Fox News airs a special report on global warming, and when you can join a virtual march to call attention to the problem, it's good to know that some people have been speaking out about the problem for a while now - and maybe we should listen to them a little more closely. Salon magazine recently highlighted 28 warriors and heroes of climate change - including some we know very well... 

It's wonderful not just to see Marty Hoffert, but also James Hansen, Robert Watson, Lonnie Thompson, and many other deserving scientists who have worked so hard for so long to bring this to public attention - and to promote real solutions. Unfortunately many deserving folk were missed as in any such list, but those who are on the list certainly deserve the honor.

Of course a few activists, businesspeople and politicians are listed to round out the picture. Al Gore provides a strong call to action in an accompanying article.

So, kudos to Salon for this tribute to those who have dared to stand up and be heard on these issues!

Created: 2005-11-13 04:58:44 by Arthur Smith