Lieberman warns of war with China

The Associated Press picked up an interesting story on US Senator Joe Lieberman's comments after a recent Council on Foreign Relations forum on "China-US energy policies: A choice of cooperation or collision?." The forum, held at 9:00 am last Wednesday, November 30th, apparently had Lieberman as the only speaker. 

According to the AP article, Lieberman apparently suggested China and the US are headed for war over the remaining oil (and other energy) resources, unless they can learn to cooperate on advanced energy research:

Let's do it by each trying to diversify to clean fuels, alternative fuels, hybrids, electric plug ins...

Lieberman had an interesting comment on those who suggest mere market solutions would solve the problem:

The problem is if competition between us continues, each country will be paying an enormous amount of money to buy the oil and again, I worry that in a crisis that could lead to hostilities between us.

Now if there was some actual legislative proposal behind these comments, it could get interesting...

Created: 2005-12-05 04:05:29 by Arthur Smith
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